Tyre warmer set EVO Supersport 300, black

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Tyre warmer set EVO Supersport 300, black

Alpha racing

Tyre warmer set >EVO< Supersport 300, 110/70 17 & 140/55 17, front/rear temperature digitally adjustable up to 99 °C, 220V, black.

The desired tire temperature can be continuously adjusted from 0 °C to 99 °C thanks to the digitally adjustable controller. The current tire temperature is shown on the controller display. The electronics automatically switch the heating on or off depending on the outside and tire temperature.
– The temperature is thus kept constant.
– The heating wires are routed radially to the edge of the tire warmer.
– A wide elastic band allows a crease-free fit on the tire.
– The elastic extends into the rim, which is also heated.

– Digital thermometer, separately adjustable for front and rear tires
– Display of front and rear tire temperature
– Setting range for each tire up to 99 °C
– Splash-proof connector with O-rings between tire warmer and controller
– Perfect fit on the tire
– 2-fold radial heating system per tire warmer
– Heating wires up to the edge of the tire
– Controlled, fast heating
– Elastic band far over the rims
– Silicone rubber protective cover for the controller
– Bag and tire warmers with alpha Racing logo
– 2-year guarantee on manufacturing or material defects

Note: This product coming with EU plug

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