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Starlane CORSARO-R Lap timer

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Double Constellation GPS+GLONASS Lap Timer with Touch Screen, integrated Library of almost 1000 tracks with intermediates, Multilanguage menu – Transflective Monochromatic Display with backlight. GPS Speed. Data download via Bluetooth. Double power supply: with integrated Lithium battery or vehicle 12Volts supply.

Can be paired to wireless expansion WID (Wireless Input Device) modules in order to acquire signals from vehicle harness or optional sensors.

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Starlane CORSARO-R Lap timer

CORSARO-R DOUBLE CONSTELLATION GPS+GLONASS PROFESSIONAL LAP TIMER WITH WIRELESS SENSOR EXPANSIONS AND MONOCHROMATIC TRANSFLECTIVE DISPLAY WITH TOUCH SCREEN CORSARO is surely, by full right, the most innovative product in the field for the philosophy by virtue of which it has been conceived and designed, as well as for its technology enclosed in a compact design executed with the greatest care. CORSARO revolutionizes the concept of lap timer and data acquisition system and defines a new technological step in the world market. Allows the immediate use thanks to the built-in library of hundreds of tracks with intermediates, between which the device automatically recognizes the current one. Featuring S.E.P.L.A. (Starlane Enhanced Precision Laptiming Algorithm) function: a lap timing algorithm allowing very high lap timing precision. LEAN ANGLE INDICATION CORSARO SUPPORTS THE NEW FEATURES OF INERTIAL PACK THAT CAN BE ACTIVATED IN ANY MOMENT FROM THE WEBSITE AS OPTION. The Inertial Pack activates calculation and indication of: LEAN ANGLE LATERAL ACCELERATION in G LONGITUDINAL ACCELERATION in G DigiraceMMX analysis software will also shows the acceleration and lean angle charts. The system calculates the lean angle relative to the axis (B) passing through the center of gravity of the motorcycle + rider, considering also the rider position. The lean angle is calculated by a high precision algorithm developed by Starlane and does not require the installation of sensors on the vehicle. Unlike other systems, it also allows correct angle alignment and acceleration with the instantaneous position on the circuit. You can see the lean angle degrees on the specific screen page which indicates the current angle and the maximum degrees reached in the last right and left corners. The screen also shows the maximum degrees reached in the session differentiated between right and left corners. CORSARO project has been cared to even the smallest detail, such as the seal, which not only performs the function of water protection but is also elastic part the SDGS (Starlane Gasket Dampening System), an anti-vibration system integrated in the body, allowing you protect the internal electronics mounted on the front, which thus remains completely suspended and, in addition to the elastic fixing of the instrument on the vehicle, undergoes in this way a strong damping of the vibrational stresses that might otherwise damage heavily any electronic device. SDGs is an exclusive by Starlane, result of experience gained by addressing the various issues that came up from the most extreme product uses and whose installation is a focal point for the durability and reliability over time. As every detail, also the power cord output of CORSARO has been designed to allow maximum installation compactness and flexibility. The special cable grip ensures watertight, maintaining total flexibility, and allows you to direct the cable in every direction following the various installation requirements. This solution leads to an actually zero increase on the device thickness and is not comparable to the bulky rigid connectors usually used which stick out several centimeters from the back of the instrument creating great constraint in the installation. The Micro USB socket allows you to easily recharge the internal battery in cases where the instrument is not powered by the vehicle battery. WID-D MINIATURIZED WIRELESS MODULE (60MM X 44MM X 21MM) WID-D (CODE WD) WITH INTERNAL RECHARGEABLE BATTERY ALLOWING UP TO 7 TRACK DAYS, EXTERNAL SUPPLY IS ALSO AVAILABLE. Available Inputs: Water Temperature Thermocouple K for exhaust temperature Engine RPM Wheel Speed General Analog 0-5V available for TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Power Supply: Internal rechargeable battery Secondary supply 5-15V inlet Engine speed can be detected either inductively from the vehicle using the cable supplied with the module. Other sensors are optional and available in Starlane catalog. For some inputs, such as eg. RPM, TPS and Speed Wheel, you can connect to standard signals already available on the main bike models. WID-C MINIATURIZED WIRELESS MODULE (60MM X 44MM X 21MM) WID-C (CODE WC3A) Available Inputs: 3 Generic Analog for the connection of sensors with 0-5V analog output as, for example: linear potentiometric suspension sensors with codes: SSLIN075M8, SSLIN150M8, SSLIN075PROM8, SSLIN150PROM8 or brake pressure sensor with code SSPBK60M8. CAN BUS Line for compatible vehicles and for Starlane RID Modules. Power Supply: 12V from vehicle. RID-LAMBDA (CODE RID2RLT) It comes with BOSCH LSU4 Wide Band Lambda sensor and, by means of the supplied transmitter, transmits to CORSARO Air/Fuel ratio, Engine RPM and Throttle Position values to achieve the best mapping for your engine management system. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO USE YOUR COMPUTER OR PRESS BUTTONS ON THE TRACK, THE SAFD-2 FEATURE (Starlane Automatic Finish line Detection), WILL SPLIT AUTOMATICALLY THE TRACK AFTER THE FIRST 2 LAPS RUN, ALLOWING YOU TO SEE YOUR LAP TIMES AND INTERMEDIATES FROM THE VERY FIRST SESSION WITHOUT ANY ACTION ON THE LAP TIMER. CORSARO ALLOWS THE DATA DOWNLOAD VIA BLUETOOTH. Digirace-MMX software allows to analyse the data downloaded. Apps for Android and iOS Will be released soon. Another feature making unique CORSARO is the possibility to be connected to the optional wireless WID (Wireless Input Device) expansion modules which allow the acquisition from external sensors (eg. throttle, suspensions, etc.) or from the CAN BUS line of the vehicle, creating in this way a professional, complete and unique in the world, data acquisition system being totally expandable in a wireless way. BLUE OCEAN DATA OVERLAY RENDERED BY STARLANE DIGIRACE-MMX 2.0 CORSARO CHARACTERISTICS 1) DOUBLE CONSTELLATION GPS+GLONASS RECEIVER AND ANTENNA BUILT IN THE INSTRUMENT: the CORSARO shock-proof Nylon-glass charged body accommodates the new double constellation receiver which use in symbiosis the american GPS and the russian GLONASS satellite systems. This solution increases dramatically the precision due to the vero high number of satellite involved in instantaneous position, speed, trajectory and lap time determination. 2) YOU CAN SAY GOOD-BYE TO ALL UNPRACTICAL INFRARED TRANSMITTERS ARRANGED ON THE PIT WALL: the use of the GPS+GLONASS system intended to detect the lap time will make CORSARO completely autonomous, requiring no beacon transmitters, such as the infrared ones used by old-generation systems. Everything is getting much simpler. It is no longer necessary to arrange the transmitter and to recharge the battery, which is extremely annoying and unpractical, with the risk of forgetting it on the wall or having it stolen. 3) MANAGEMENT OF THE FINISH LINE AND 3 INTERMEDIATES: by means of the track librari, available in the Device or in DigiRaceMNX software, you can set up the coordinates of 4 lap trigger lines (main finish line + 3 optional intermediates). Whenever you cross a finish line or an intermediate, CORSARO will indicate the relative split time and store its value. You can therefore quickly evaluate your own performance even if you are driving along a part of the track far from the main straight stretch, which would be expensive and unpractical if you used any other type of lap timer. 4) INDICATION OF THE ACHIEVABLE IDEAL TIME: by managing intermediates, CORSARO can calculate the time a driver can ideally achieve for every single session. This function is obtained by adding the best sectorial times. This will help you understand the lap time you might have achieved if there had been no traffic in a specific point of the track or if you had done a lap on top of your absolute performance. 5) DOUBLE FUNCTION „BEST LAP“ LED: the „BEST LAP“ LED will turn on if you have improved your previous lap and it will blink if the lap you have just done is the best of the session. This solution will supply the driver with all the information necessary for performance without any distraction. If you have set up intermediate finish lines, the LED is also enabled whenever you cross an intermediate. This means that this instrument is extremely useful to realise without any distraction whether you are improving compared to the same intermediate time of the previous lap or whether you have just accomplished the best intermediate time of the session. 6)GPS SPEED MEASUREMENT: the advantage of using a GPS+GLONASS system is also that you can measure the vehicle speed with the highest degree of accuracy without having to install any sensor on the vehicle. No user setup is required and, above all, any measurement is always accurate, not altered by the inclination of the vehicle or tire deformation or spinning. 7) ENGINE SPEED INDICATOR* WITH SETTABLE SHIFT LIGHT: CORSARO is not only a chronometer and tachometer, but also an engine speed indicator. You can set the shifting engine speed by sentina the Shif Light ultrabright LEDs for which can also set the color. You can also display the speed. The engine speed can be measured by arranging the inductive cable in the proximity of an ignition coil or by connecting the signal wire to the original speed indicator. 8) ENGAGED GEAR INDICATOR* and WATER TEMPERATURE* WITH SETTABLE ALARM: CORSARO can also indicate the engaged gear by calculating the ratio between the engine revolutions and the wheel speed. It can also indicate the water temperature by means of an optional temperature sensor. 9) INPUT FOR EXHAUST OR OIL TEMPERATURE* WITH SETTABLE ALARM: CORSARO comes with a specific input for the optional Thermocouple type K to acquire the exhaust temperature, needed for the correct carburation on 2 stroke engines, or oil temperature for 4 stroke engines. 10) DOUBLE HOUR METER FOR THE PERFECT PERIODICAL MAINTENANCE OF THE VEHICLE: CORSARO has also got two hour meters that can be separately reset for the periodical maintenance of the vehicle. Hour meters are activated by the tacho signal and the GPS+GLONASS speed signal. This solution can operate the hour meters even if you do not wish to connect the tacho signal. 11) BLUETOOTH 4.0 DATA DOWNLOAD: CORSARO fits Bluetooth 4.0 features to set parameters and lap triggers and to download the acquired data that will be then analyzed directly into the software Digirace-MMX. * See optional WID and RID modules to activate this feature. 12) SUPPLIED WITH THE DIGIRACEMMX SOFTWARE: the DigiRace-MMX software supplied with CORSARO can file, analyze and print the data acquired and graphically represent the paths you have driven across with the relative acceleration and deceleration points for a lap-by-lap comparison. 13) 999-LAP MEMORY WITH AUTOMATIC MANAGEMENT OF 99 TEST SESSIONS: CORSARO will automatically create a new session whenever you access the track. This means that you can analyse the times you have stored during the various sessions even at the end of the day without having to delete memory whenever you access the track. You can store the Date and Time of every single session as well as the total time, the intermediates, the maximum speed and the max. engine revolutions for every single lap. 14) CYCLICAL MEMORY MANAGEMENT: with CORSARO you will never face memory full issues because,in order to allow a continuous usage, it manages the available space by erasing automatically the oldest sessions when the memory is almost full. 15) STORAGE OF THE FINISH LINE COORDINATES OF THE TRACKS MOST USED: you can store the coordinates acquired for the finish line of the tracks you are training on most frequently. You can file up to 16 tracks and easily call the finish line of the current track without having to reset it every time. 16) MONOCHROMATIC BACKLIT LARGE-SIZE DISPLAY WITH TOUCH SCREEN: CORSARO comes with a display using translfletive technology, allowing full readability even under direct sunlight when backlight is off. The sharp resistive Touch Screen allows easy acceso to device features also if wearing gloves. This solution has provided for the development of a icon-based user interface that allows to analyse all stored data and set up all wished functions in an unmatched user-friendly and immediate manner. 17) BUILT IN BATTERY AND EXTERNAL SUPPLY: equipped with internal high capacity Lithium battery can also be supplied by 12V vehicle battery. Moreover, CORSARO is complete with powerful energy saving and self power-off functions the user can set up to make the best use of battery performance. It is supplied with a specific extension with rings for battery connection and with a connector on one side of the instrument for rapid disconnection. 18) WATER-RESISTANT: CORSARO is water resistant and it can also be used in case of rain.

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