Speed Angle APEX GPS / Glonass Lap Timer with Lean Angle Measurement

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The SpeedAngle APEX GPS Lap timer is an essential accessory for any racer or track day rider, the data it collects helps riders to analyze their riding style easily, and provide an efficient way to improve the riding skill. You can easily overlay your logs and GPS tracking data onto Google Earth and have your rides replayed 3-dimensionally on the satellite photo images of the track. There is no limit to the tracks that can be overlaid onto (as long as they are available on Google Earth). You can see your riding lines against the track border, and a 3D model bike lean and accelerate just as you did. This feature allows you to compare your rides or compare with your friends’ rides as if you are in a virtual race or back to back against your own lap data to help find you the quickest way around!
  • APEX Specifications:
  • Device dimension: 94.5*70.5*30.5mm
  • Sensor dimension: 34.5*16.5*7mm
  • 10 Hz GPS sampling rate
  • GPS speed range up to 255 mph (410 kmh)
  • Lean angle range up to R/L 69°
  • Longitudinal G range up to ±1.5G
  • LCD resolution 256*128, readable in sunlight
  • Water resistant
  • GPS and GLONASS dual systems
  • Sensitivity -167dBm, 72 channels
  • Log time up to 50 hrs or 253 logs
  • 3.7V Li-ion battery
  • Battery life up to 17 hrs (backlit off)
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • Lap time resolution 1/1000s
  • Auto track search
  • Auto Start/Finish setup
  • Auto timer start
  • Auto timer stop
  • Auto data logging
  • Auto lap report display
  • Best lap and sector time
  • Predictive time gap
  • 5 display modes
  • Local tracks preloaded
  • 15 custom tracks in memory

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