Slipper clutch for Suzuki GSF1200

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TSS Slipper Clutch Kit. The Slipper clutch reduces rear wheel chatter on downshifting, allowing better chassis stability under braking and on the entry to corners, reducing the chances to crashing and allowing the rider to reduce lap times as a result of a better grip. Also an over torquing engine by shifting incorrect gear is almost impossible.
Each set includes all fixing small pars (shims, spacers, nut), when they are necessary. In the box you will also find a complete mounting instructions (incl. step-by-step fotos).
Designed for original clutch disks and springs, the set includes all fixing parts and set of spring buckles for more preload springs, which allow better individual setting.
All parts are also available as spare parts.

This slipper clutch consists of these parts:

20903Slipper clutch SUZUKI GSF 1200 1996-2006
20903CSlipper clutch SUZUKI GSF 1200
20904Pressure plate
13806Spring retainers set
14210Spring retainers set + preload
18208big washer d 24-42

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