Brake pads 788RST

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788RST brake pads


New Innovative Brake Pad for Road, Sport & Track Day Use

  • The ideal and affordable choice for track days and for combined road and track bike
  • Sintered compound for standard brake systems at high-end sports and naked bikes, heavy sports, adventure and touring bikes and lighter bikes with single disc
  • Excellent for stainless steel or cast iron brake discs
  • Strong initial bite, excellent brake feel and modulation
  • High and stable performance under all conditions
  • NUCAP NRS technology secures a mechanical and indestructible bonding
  • ECE R90 approved


The RST brake pad range replaces RS 1-1, however due to the new mixture, with increased braking power and even better brake feel and control.

NB! Slightly increased bedding-in time compared to RS due to the increased pad durability


KAWASAKIZX-10R NinjaBrake pad front 2 sets needed10002004 – 2007
KAWASAKIZX-6R NinjaBrake pad front 2 sets needed6362003 – 2006
KAWASAKIZX-6RR NinjaBrake pad front 2 sets needed6002003 – 2006
SUZUKIGSX-RBrake pad front 2 sets needed10002003-2003

Note: For one caliper