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Brembo Carbon and HP rims


Brakes created for the track for those who demand the best for their bike.

  • Calipers
  • Master cylinders
  • Brake pads
  • Brake discs


Passion has always played just a large a part in the choice of a motorcycle as have technology and style. Motorcycle differs from the next, to cater for the individual needs of its rider. Brembo offers a comprehensive range of spare parts that respond to the specific technical requisites. All motorcycle types: from racing bikes and street bikes to city and off-road machines.

This extensive range of technologically superlative products derived directly. Brembo’s immense experience in motorsports and in the OEM market. Fully satisfies the expectations of all riders in terms of performance, control and durability.

Brembo offers a complete range of brake discs and an extensive range of brake pads, master cylinders. A high-tech choice that improves the safety and performance of the entire braking system.

The world’s most prestigious motorcycles choose Brembo: a guarantee of safety, reliability, performance and durability

Brembo Racing braking systems have helped the most successful teams in motorsports win the world’s most prestigious races.

Comprehensive range of products dedicated exclusively to motorsports and designed to deliver the best in the most extreme conditions. Consistent performance, superior braking power, precision and control, and resistance to very high temperatures. Products for racing applications are the result of ongoing research and development in collaboration with the world’s most prestigious teams.

Manufacturing process conducted entirely in-house, from design and machining to bench and track testing.


The certainty of extremely high performance

Brembo has been fitting cars managed by the most prestigious teams in major motorsport competitions with their discs. The end result? Hundreds of World Championships won.

The choice of slotting can have an impact on vehicle performance.

For this reason, depending on the end application, Brembo has come up with various “patterns” for machining brake discs.

Therefore, by crossing slotting, ventilation and fastening (with pawls or teeth), an infinite number of combinations is available. This is the ideal condition when, for example, you are developing a new braking system.


A wide, customisable range

Brembo has been developing and fine tuning higher and higher performance braking systems

Forged or billet machined. With 2, 4 or 6 pistons. Fitted with fixed or mobile bridge. The Brembo calipers conceived for racing offer infinite possibilities for personalising the braking system on the vehicle being outfitted.

Brembo offers an extremely wide range of solutions, even in terms of price. Able to cover the specific needs of those racing in all the major competitions in the world . (Nascar, Prototypes, GT, Formula 3, Endurance and Rally).


Serviceable master cylinders.

All Brembo brake master cylinders are made with cutting-edge. Procedures and extremely high precision internal machining that guarantee excellent performance and long life. Forged or billet machined, these master cylinders represent the absolute top of the line available today in the racing sector.

Brembo brake master cylinders lies in the lost travel adjusted at the factory and the fact that they are serviceable.